What are you truly here to create?

Creative Spirit Awakening exists as a practical, powerful and playful transformational platform for creative, curious and courageous spirits!

Hello! My name is Jana Carrey, MA, and I am here to support you in awakening, unleashing and embodying the unique expression of your creative spirit. We all have abundant creative energy and resources available to us in every moment of life. However, our conditioning and past programming can block, limit or distort our creativity and how it shows up in the world through us and our bodies.

The processes I have developed are part coaching, part mentoring, and part facilitating your own creative consciousness. At it’s core, our work together is about transforming your creative and energetic blocks to uncover and re-discover who you are at your essence: a joyous being with infinite creative potential.

This work (play!) is deeply experiential and the best way to get a sense of how it may serve your life, is to schedule a FREE Creativity Discovery Session TODAY.


I work primarily in two ways: I offer private one-on-one coaching and group classes.

Creative Spirit Unleashed is a private one-on-one coaching program that provides lazer-focused, compassionate, honest, empathic, deeply intuitive, and fierce coaching. I work with clients all over the world via phone or Skype. I invite you to schedule a FREE Creativity Discovery Session TODAY to experience this process for yourself.

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Group Classes: If you long for in-person connection and community with other creative, courageous and playful spirits than a group creativity class maybe for you. More classes coming in 2015. Stay tuned!

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Workshops + Retreats: You can hire me for bespoke creativity and writing workshops + retreats. Please contact me for more information. I am an out-of-the-box thinker and happy to brainstorm around potential collaboration opportunities with visionary and creative heart-centered people!

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