A playspace for joy, imagination, creativity, art & connection.

Are you a frustrated artist, writer or creative entrepreneur who is longing to unblock and feel safe to make art and create again?

Are you feeding yourself the myth that you are “too old,” “you are not good enough” or that it’s “too late” to explore, uncover, or re-engage with your artistic interests or creative dreams?

Do you want to create without feeling alone, overwhelmed or burnt out?

Do you crave supportive companions and mentorship to walk the creative path alongside you?

If you answered yes to any of the above the questions, then you are in the right place!

Chances are what you need most is not more focus on accomplishment, perfection, hard work, pushing yourself, goal-driven activities and to-do’s on your over-loaded calendar.

Simple FUN is a lost art in our modern society. 

Play and FUN are a vital part of living a creatively FREE life.

My name is Jana Carrey, MA, and I am here to share with you that working so hard at life is a myth. I am an artist, creativity mentor and facilitator, writer and educator who has learned to apply the creative process to my life. I have gone from experiencing life as heavy burden fraught with anxiety and tension to loving myself and enjoying my life. I have become healthier, stronger, more centered, grounded and more compassionate in the process. (I still have my funky days too – which is why I have my own support team and mentors). My mission is to share my simple, FUN and playful process and tools with you to support, mentor and guide you in doing the same.


I work primarily in two ways: I offer group creativity classes and private one-on-one coaching.

Private Coaching: If you long more in-depth, private, intuitive and personalized support with an empathetic and honest mentor – than private coaching maybe for you! I work with clients all over the world over phone or skype. I invite you to schedule a FREE creativity discovery session TODAY to learn more.

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Group Classes: If you long for in-person connection and community with friendly and fun like-minded individuals – than a group creativity class maybe for you! Currently, I only offer classes in person in Santa Monica, California (in partnership with UCLArts and Healing and the Santa Monica / Westside YWCA) but plan to expand to other areas and on-line classes in the future.

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Workshops + Retreats: You can hire me for bespoke (that’s a fancy word for customized) creativity and writing workshops + retreats. Please contact me for more information. I am an out-of-the-box thinker and happy to brainstorm around potential collaboration opportunities with visionary and creative heart-centered people!

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